Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stud Club 2010 State Finals Ice Racing

The Stud Club is one of Minnesota’s ice racing groups and they seem to be the largest. They held the State Championship Finals in Garrison, MN on Mille Lacs Lake this past weekend. Garrison is about 100 miles north of Minneapolis, and it takes about two hours to get there.

Giant Walleye in Garrison, MN

Mille Lacs is covers over 132,516 acres (536 sq kms). It is Minnesota’s second largest lake behind Red Lake (288,800 acres). Lake Superior doesn’t count because we have to share it with Canada, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Mille Lacs is so large, in many places you cannot see across to the other side.


Since I was busy with the Motorcycle Safety Conference on Saturday, I was only able to attend the races on Sunday. We arrived a few minutes before the riders meeting started at 10:45am. As you can see, it was a beautiful day and quite warm at 28F.


The Stud Club races both studded and unstudded ATVs (quads) and studded motorcycles.

quads on the lineIMGP7294

They had over twenty one different races on Sunday. My favorites are always the larger (250cc+) studded motorcycles. The little kids are pretty fun to watch too.

kids on the line

The track was a decent size with one large, long corner.IMGP7337 IMGP7336

We weren’t allowed to walk around the track like at other races we’ve been to, so the shots only from two different areas.

We used the GoPro HD as a handheld and got some decent footage for a first attempt. Transcoding the video to upload to youtube reduced the quality quite a bit from 18Mbps to less than 5Mbps. I’m working on fixing that in the future.

 Youtube Video here:


Here are some other photos of the event. The full flickr album is here:

IMGP7330IMGP7331 IMGP7260 IMGP7250 IMGP7247 IMGP7243 IMGP7241

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