Saturday, February 16, 2013

Making Smiles


I’ve seen many people taking photos of me this winter. It seems like more than the previous years. How do I notice? The rolled down window and bright flash are usually a good clue. More commonly though, a car comes up behind me at passing speed and then lingers behind me instead of flying past. In the above case, I was focused on traffic and didn’t even notice!

I’ve wondered how long it would take for one of those photos to get posted in a place I could see it. Facebook was the answer. I found the following text and above photo on the Aerostich page after being mentioned a few times by friends. (Thanks Kevin, Mike, John, and Shawn.

“Feb. 12, 5:45 pm, St. Paul, MN, 33 degrees. What is that I see on my way home? It looks like a helmet. I haven't seen one of those in a while, what the heck?!?
Guy on a Ural with a sidecar. Two wheel drive! Wearing a 'stich, of course.
Sir, you are awesome! And you made my day!”

The photo was taken by “Dan O’Neal”. Thanks Dan for the kind words! As I’ve written before, I love the simple act of riding my Ural in the winter while going to and from work brings a smile to so many faces. Cool stuff.


  1. Of course, you smile and wave for all of the pictures...

    Nice picture and comment, thanks for sharing it.

    1. When I see them happening, I try. Lol.

  2. Awsome, you're more famous than you thought.

    I also love the billboard in the right corner :)

    1. It is a strange feeling. I am just a guy going to work. The billboard is nicely relevant.

  3. I saw this on facebook and that it was so awesome you had your picture taken and posted on the Aerostich page.

    What is that he said " You sir are awesome" That is smile inducing right there.

  4. The power of social media my friend! Cheers to winter riding!